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If you haven't heard of them, you should now. "RADIO GALAXY is the quirky lovechild of 3 kindred spirits: Spacebunny Jefferson, DJ Cozmos, and King Midas. Oh, and #NOCATCHPHRAZE...Their music has been described as “spaceyfatnasty”, fusing together elements from a seemingly infinite number of musical influences. In other words, don’t try to fit us into a box."

The group has been together touring the galaxy for over five years. Their futuristic soul has caused them to create another electro funk album, Nobody Digs Your Music But Yourself (available now!) With 11 tracks that want you to get down and boogie on the moon. Radio Galaxy is that unknown species that you cannot ignore. Be sure to check out the link below and their Instagram to find out more about this Space Hop group and their new album. And always create VIBES!

twitter: @RADIO_GALAXY

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