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     Vibe Haus is based on the original manga (Anime) "The Vibe Haus 2071" and is the sequel manga to Meta Kaizoku. A Hi Vibration Dance Party and sanctuary with an organic eclectic electronic sound. Influences of tracks from all genres and sub genres. Music can be used for connecting and raising the vibration of the listener, The Vibes , a collective of DJ ,artist ,producers create and contribute to the Vibe Haus sound along with like minded beings from across the cosmos , Vibe Haus cultivates a culture centered around eclectic sounds and vibrations from different parts of the galaxy. Featuring uptempo to downtempo tracks from global influences with these Hi and Low Fidelity samples DJ Charlee Brown and The Vibes create genre fusions from the past and present leading us to the sounds of the future.



     The Vibe Haus 2071 "Manga" - Ihy RA (DJ Charlee Brown) is on a journy to save this dimension from destruction by using the power of vibration, by honing in on his power he is on a mission and along his path he gathers a team to help even the odds. He. creates the Vibe Haus as a starting point to manifest change though sound. Lee The Myth and Ihy join forces to battle an evil unknown to the masses, but will prevail with the knowledge gifted to them by the elders.  




     Metakaizoku "Manga" - Lee the Myth is on the run. Detective Kaige Armant and Mio Bain of the Interstellar Police are hot on the infamous space pirates tracks and are close to catching him! Lee evades capture but suffers a head injury rendering him unconscious. Before he was this space pirate bad-boy, he was just a boy, born into a world where he and people like him were considered abominations. Back then an event took place that changed him for the rest of his life and taught him a truth that has become a part of his journey.


Vibe Haus "Dance Party"


Features The Vibes HTX and special guest each month


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