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My DJ career started in my college days.  I graduated from University of Houston (Go Coogs), in the fall semester of '17.  At that point I was in my first year of initially investing into my own DJ equipment and teaching myself at first.  I had influences of all kinds, but the one that impacted me most in my first years as a DJ was being down the street from a well known Houston cultured university, TSU.  I spent my time there, having a little fun but mainly watching and studying the DJ's that would crowd control a Swag Surf party and yearning to be able to do the same some day.  Some of my DJ mentors that I met at TSU started by letting me open up gigs for them, and I'm forever grateful for them opening the doors for me and helping me find my niche.

Currently, I am apart of a collective, The Vibes HTX, founded by DJ Charlee Brown.  We represent Houston as a whole by having not only DJs on the team but also, producers, artists, chefs and creative designers.  The concept is when we have our Vibes weekly/monthly events at different locations, we're not only able to stand out but also show our creative individual skillset, versatility and support to each other by providing basic necessities for a successful party/event which are music, entertainment and food in a refreshing new way and taste.

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