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Having an eclectic diet of Funk, Soul, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Classic Rock due to his mom’s vinyl collection. DJ Charlee Brown is hard to pin down musically. His inspiration comes from the different environments and cultures that he encounters each and every day. As Houston Dynamo’s DJ and The Vibes HTX CEO, Charlee has developed a vast knowledge of genres giving him the ability to blend different worlds together to help create unity and energy on the dance floor. 


His first encounter to his passion was at the age of 8. His mom would drag him and his sister to a monthly vinyl record convention at the George R. Brown Center. At first he was not too interested till the day his sister bought Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance.” It instantly became his favorite song once seeing the needle hit the record and started to play music. A never-ending infatuation for music grew in him.


In high school was where he learned to make profit off his love for music.  Charlee Brown was notorious for making mixtapes and selling them to students and even teachers. His friends all wanted to be rappers at the time and he found a role that would help them and his love. Controlling sounds and sound selecting for tracks was his masterpiece. At first it was all fun and games for his friends and him but with the support of his family it become a serious thing. He bought two turntables and a mixer and his high school nickname, Charlee Brown become more than that.


DJ Charlee Brown could not be separated from his turntables. He had the opportunity to be Houston’s own Killa Kyleon’s tour DJ along with receiving a paid sponsorship for Jameson & Chivas Regal. Coming off the tour he deejayed for Houston’s annual Aces of Taste events and become Houston’s Dynamo Soccer Team DJ.  Charlee has had numerous events with corporations such as Victoria Secret, Uber, Armani Exchange, and many more. When he is not deejaying in Houston, you can catch him in Kemah at Voodoo Hut every Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and first and third Saturday of the month providing an amazing nightlife for the boardwalk. Charlee has also teamed up with Manuela Gomez once a month for the Sunday Brunch Mixer & Market at Brooklyn Athletic Club which is a must go to meet local entrepreneurs and meet the VIBES HTX team.


Charlee has a passion for curating music to push the culture forward through multi genre blends. In 2016 Charlee created The VIBES HTX Music Collective as an outlet to balance the top forty commercial driven industry that most full time DJs are subjected to. The VIBES HTX consists of a fashion line and a group of deejays, producers, artists, and curators all ready to spread good vibes and progress the culture. 


Charlee also goes by the alias Chuck Lee when he does production for himself and other artists. He believes “The science of good vibes is not a myth or fantasy. Music is the emotion experience from perceived vibration/sound over time.”  So, come check out the good vibes with DJ Charlee Brown at any of his events or from your speakers through his euphoric soundcloud.

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