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Quirky and full of feeling, Netta (Janetta Marie Williams) is an American singer/songwriter with spunk and soul.

Born in Los Angeles California, based in Houston Texas, Netta was raised in a very conservative Christian home and recognized in the gospel community as one of the daughters of international recording artist and evangelist Beau Williams. She began singing in churches alongside her dad and family. In 2008 she realized her love for music and started a girl group with her two sisters Nicole and Monica. Netta and her sisters traveled to different churches around Houston singing and ministering to the youth with the goal of spreading a positive influence to the younger generation. 

In 2011 Netta became a solo artist. Singing covers for weddings, parties, the National Anthem for local games, boxing and MMA events was her go-to. She would also do many collaborations with local artists in the Houston area. The year 2012 brought curiosity and pushed her to exercise her talents. Netta moved back to L.A. where she started commercial acting classes and dabbled in musical theatre in hopes of an acting career. She became passionate about theatre and returned to Houston to further her education by majoring in Fine Arts. Not only did this give her more insight on her passion but it allowed her to provide a stronger involvement in the arts community.

In 2016 Netta became one of the two lead vocalists in a funk and R&B cover band called Generations. This was her first experience performing with live instruments. She loved the band but something always pushed her to explore more. 

In 2017 Netta became a part of The Vibes HTX. “The Vibes helped me find my sound” she explained, “I’ve always been passionate about music and I strive to bring an alternative feel to the soul and hip hop that I gravitate towards. Through the years I’ve had a hard time finding people to be able to complement my vision until now.” Netta has come a long way from singing in churches and strives to go even further in her passion/career. Look forward to seeing this young funkadelic artist touch many peoples’ souls with her rooted talent.

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